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Feb 25, 2021


This week, the Swimfans drag Carlos away from the Heroes Three nest to discuss nuzzling your pals, action in cinema, and the overall Sukeban Deka canon in 2006's YO-YO GIRL COP! 


Feb 18, 2021


Dear Listeners: In the episode about 2018's LOVE, SIMON, Bathsheba Linebreak, Hypnos and Craig Neeson discuss coming out stories and various facets of gay media.  

Love, Swimfans 


Feb 16, 2021

Alex and Swimfans All-Star, Matthew Tucciarone bring you: 20 Dad Rock Greats and discussions about ramblin', burnin', calling your mama to tell her about the trouble you're in, Jack Black, Guitar Hero, and just endless solos.

Feb 11, 2021

 We’ve got Nixonmania, baby!!! The podcast princesses tug on their Dunst Caps and spend at least 18.5 minutes not making Deep Throat jokes in the 1999 political satire DICK! 

Feb 4, 2021


In the distance, you hear the song of the summer: "Swimfans Finally Does HEATHERS" by Big Fun! The lads are joined by co-host and player on Critical Bits, Struggle Session film correspondent, and critic and video essayist Shannon Strucci to talk aestheticizing mental illness, some quality Winona looks, and...