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Jul 29, 2021

In this episode about the Lynch-produced and Herzog-directed 2009 film MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE?, the princesses talk filmic texture, the virtue (and perhaps vice) of being such an idiosyncratic product, and the Medium Is the Message Horseshoe Theory.


Jul 27, 2021

In this mini-episode Alex & Craig are once again joined by podcast big brother Joel to discuss the increasing egomania of Sylvester Stallone and the four insane Rambo: First Blood sequels.

Jul 23, 2021

On darling Alex’s third birthday ever, the princesses talk mixed political messaging, expert genre-shifting, the genius of Sly, and inevitably, Metal Gear Solid in landmark 1982 film FIRST BLOOD!

Jul 16, 2021

This week the lads are joined by returning guest Joel Hocking to discuss arthouse sensibility in a dad movie package and cool vs. uncool gunfights in the straightest action movie ever made: Michael Mann’s 1995 film HEAT!

Jul 8, 2021

This week on CRUEL SUMMER, three beautiful queens discuss the philosophy of money being the root of evil and how we’re all pawns of fate in the 1984 neo-noir Coen brothers film, BLOOD SIMPLE!