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Jan 26, 2023

This week, the lambs discuss how a few moments of style does not a film style make, shot choices informing mood and Julia Roberts’ hair in 1991’s SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY!

Jan 19, 2023

We’re turning 200 today, baby!!! This week, we talk noir tropes, Sharon Stone, and introduce our new fourth mic (a soundboard) as we revisit 1992’s BASIC INSTINCT!

Jan 13, 2023

This week, we becoming pros at deboning fish and talk cocaine sons, found fathers and do some minor script doctoring in 1996’s CAUGHT!

Jan 5, 2023

The podcast princesses expiate their sins in purgatory while trapped in the 2012 Onion-produced miniseries SEX HOUSE.

Jan 2, 2023

The crew agonizes (and Josh kind of cheats) over trying to pick only 10 of the best movies of all time in our selections for 2022’s Sight and Sound list!