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Apr 25, 2019

Craig just has to buy Cow Brand milk, Alex got off the train left foot first and Josh has been hoarding Big Body Pizza. Special guest Matthew Jay, from [the deep end] and Cartoons 101, joins us on CHAMland to discuss the finer points of Satoshi Kon's anime nightmare Perfect Blue! 


Apr 18, 2019

Craig brought you coffee, Josh is cuckolding your boyfriend and Alex is always covered in a fine layer of grease. We talk about our love for Wachowski nonsense in their 1996 debut, Bound!


Apr 11, 2019

Craig shows Josh how to hunt, and forget 69, Alex just wants 666. It's Julia Ducournau's 2016 coming of age film Raw! 


Apr 4, 2019

We find Alex's box of chains. Everyone knows our views on Josh diverge. That is my dearest wish. Hands and feet tied behind my back and locked up next door to Craig. 

We learn how not to talk to your partner about your kinks in Michael Haneke's The Piano Teacher!