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Jun 24, 2021

A trio of true Humpheads get together to talk about a portrait of a toxic relationship in Nicholas Ray’s 1950 film IN A LONELY PLACE!


Jun 17, 2021

 On this episode of Cruel Summer, the Swimlads are joined by Ghost Divers and Ornate Stairwells cohost Niamh Schönherr to get absolutely schooled in Yakuza film with 1993 Takeshi Kitano film SONATINE! 

Jun 10, 2021


The princesses do a little digital sortilege to divine order, meaning, and Josh Brolin appreciation out of the dreamlike chaos of PT Anderson’s underrated 2014 masterpiece INHERENT VICE!

Jun 3, 2021


The lads talk homoeroticism in complicated male relationships while remaining the biggest Naomi Watts fans on the block in the first episode of CRUEL SUMMER: 2007 David Cronenberg’s EASTERN PROMISES!