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Mar 28, 2024

🎶 His name's Josh, and he's a gay guy and a T-H-E-Y Alex not shy. Craig is doin a Cheeto thing, @DudeExclamation is guestin' and we're all discussin' 🎶 2005's ONE PIECE: BARON OMATSURI AND THE SECRET ISLAND for our nakama's birthday episode!

Mar 21, 2024

This week, we talk making your own Twin Peaks, sanitoriums for third graders, and massive misunderstandings of the legal system (once again) in 1993's DREAM LOVER!

Mar 14, 2024

This week on the pod, we dive deep into halter top Joaquin Phoenix, glossy black walls, and what happens when the plot of a film grinds to a screeching halt in 1999's 8MM!

Mar 7, 2024

We're back on the red carpet in our glitz and glam talking about the other half of the 2024 Best Picture nominees: Maestro, Oppenheimer, Past Lives, Poor Things, and The Zone of Interest!