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Oct 29, 2020

The dolls seal themselves in a dilapidated house for months! We talk how much niche subject matter is too much, how concrete and present a monster can be and still be scary, and yet again profess our love for Criterion. It’s 2016’s A DARK SONG! 


Oct 22, 2020


Like Jack Ferryman before us, we here at Swimfans are salvagers of souls - and this week, we’re salvaging YOURS!! The princesses talk overambition, the virtue of being a modest film, and whether or not it’s cheating to hook up with a ghost on 2002 cult classic GHOST SHIP. 


Oct 15, 2020


Alex's gear got all slimed, Craig's outside clapping two rocks together, and Josh is dancing around in white leggings. This week on Bloodbath, we get lost in the woods with the 1999 classic THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. 


Oct 8, 2020


Did you know that at any given minute there's like a million radio waves going through your head? Whatever, you pick something. The Swimfans have only seven days to live after watching Gore Verbinski's 2002 film THE RING!  @swimfanspod 

Oct 1, 2020


The Swimfans begin their second Bloodbath with Paul Verhoeven's slasher spin on the invisible man: 2000's HOLLOW MAN. They also welcome for the first time beloved friend Addy as a guest.