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Aug 31, 2023

This week, we are rejoined by comics professional and Silver Sprocket publicist Kyle Daileda to talk reconciling three movies sewn together, surprise Lyne behavior, and cool-ass frog masks in 2019’s I SEE YOU! 

Aug 24, 2023

This week, we talk about when in media res isn’t better, our complicated feelings about 00s film aesthetics, and some reflections on credit sequences in 2006’s RUNNING SCARED!

Aug 18, 2023

Just one more thing… Did it rain? This week, we’re rejoined by story artist Leo Garcia to discuss 300IQ logic demons, movies shot almost entirely in close, and the infinite gap between the movie one thinks they’re making and movie that’s made in 2005’s HARD CANDY!

Aug 10, 2023

This week on the pod, we talk about the pathologization of queerness, how America loves a babygirl, and the visual texture of a slow catastrophe in 1975’s DOG DAY AFTERNOON!

Aug 4, 2023

This week, we’re joined by podcast big brother Joel Hocking to discuss anti-younger brother propaganda, failing breakfast QTEs and stealing cars named after women in 2000’s GONE IN 60 SECONDS!