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Apr 22, 2024

The dove-of-honor and Heroes Three cohost Matthew Tucciarone joins us to dig up some songs that we wouldn't want to tell our friends that we kinda like - this is Shame Songs!

Apr 18, 2024

This week on the pod, we talk the sexiest ways to do treason, new fully-clothed ways to be horny, and we're all very nice to David Cronenberg in 1993's M. BUTTERFLY!

Apr 11, 2024

This week on the pod, the podcast princesses discuss Twink Heaven, government-sanctioned valor theft, and the infinitely weird, contradictory, and horny figure of Mishima in 1985's MISHIMA: A LIFE IN FOUR CHAPTERS!

Apr 4, 2024

This week on the pod, we talk about (very) contemporary erotic thrillers, business money factories, and if we've finally got a Good For Her Movie in 2023's FAIR PLAY!

Mar 28, 2024

🎶 His name's Josh, and he's a gay guy and a T-H-E-Y Alex not shy. Craig is doin a Cheeto thing, @DudeExclamation is guestin' and we're all discussin' 🎶 2005's ONE PIECE: BARON OMATSURI AND THE SECRET ISLAND for our nakama's birthday episode!