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Nov 26, 2020


If you’re avoiding your family this holiday, Swimfans is your family now. In the thrilling conclusion to Duet City Stories, Jennifer breaks her foot, Manx gets a British accent, and everyone develops the full Bulb Mindset. See you on the other side!

Nov 23, 2020


On this Swimfans mini, the princesses cover the gay firefighter movie, PROMARE. We talk Studio Trigger and the mastery of their craft, discuss the film's plot and message, and how CATS was the hot-bloodedest movie of 2019.  


Nov 19, 2020


On this week’s DUET CITY STORIES, Manx tries to seduce some guards, Bulb glows bright red and sips some Cris, and Jennifer Paradise almost doesn’t tip her delivery guy. Can our heroes accomplish their mission?!


Nov 16, 2020

Folks, it’s the long-awaited Mardock Scramble discussion. The prettiest Universal Items talk about the few things they liked, a lot of what they didn’t, and how good Oeufcoque is. #OeufcoqueGang  @swimfanspod

Nov 12, 2020


It is the year 2XXX in Duet City. Unlikely compatriots Jennifer Paradise, Bulb, and Manx accept a job from a shady character and attempt to infiltrate a hotel while dodging beheadings, Neo-Doritos and ex-wives. 

(Part 1 of 3)