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Aug 29, 2019

Craig is perpetually kidnapped, Alex doesn't exist outside the burger stand and is Josh the car, or the ghost robot? We welcome special guest Carlos Leon-Roman to examine the 1986 classic, THE WRAITH


Aug 26, 2019

Join Craig and Alex for part one of our two part swimfans series: Alex bought a Bruce Willis two-pack blu ray at 7-11 and now you have to deal with it: MERCURY RISING.

Aug 22, 2019

We return to our favorite boy, Tetsuya Nakashima with this discussion of his 2014 masterpiece, THE WORLD OF KANAKO. And a good episode of the pod/inexplicable discussion of the merits of Radiohead is born. 


Aug 15, 2019

Alex forgot his cop costume, Craig powers down when you leave his apartment, and Josh stands silent, in a gimp mask. The queens of screen watch William Friedkin’s 1980 film, CRUISING!


Aug 8, 2019

You don't go to Josh, Josh comes to you. Alex is glad you jumped because otherwise he was supposed to throw you off. Craig is pulling back the curtain; he wants to see the Wizard. It's the 1997 David Fincher film, THE GAME.